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Yeast Infection Services at Online Urgent Care

Yeast Infection Services at Online Urgent Care

What is this?

Normally, the vaginal canal has various organisms including bacteria and yeast in small quantities. Each organism keeps the other in check creating a balance. If the balance is lost and yeast is allowed to proliferate, an infection results. Most yeast infections are caused by Candida albicans. Candida may dominate by use of antibiotics, or by changing the pH balance in the vagina which can occur by douching. A yeast infection can also occur due to hormone changes such as during preganancy or with the use of hormone replacement therapy. Certain chronic disease conditions may also cause a yeast infection like diabetes or immunosuppressive states like HIV/AIDS or chronic steroid use.

What are the symptoms?

The most common complaint of a yeast infection is intravaginal or peri-vaginal itching. A white curdy odorless discharge that looks something like cottage cheese may also ensue. Sex is usually very uncomfortable during a yeast infection. Most women report burning or pain. Urination may also be painful and be mistaken for a UTI.

Can it be treated?

Feminine yeast infections are usually very easily treated with an over-the-counter product or a single oral prescription product. Complicated cases of treatment occur when there are other chronic medical conditions involved including diabetes, AIDS, and conditions which require chronic immunosuppression.

How can MCare M.D. help?

If you think you have a yeast infection, let us know us everything during your meeting with your MCare M.D. doctor. We want to know. Be prepared to tell us when, where, how long…everything. Don’t worry. Everything you tell us is completely confidential. If the doctor thinks that you have an infection that can be treated with prescription medication he or she will send an order to the pharmacy of your choice instantly.