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Online Doctor

In an adapting world of technology, there are now many options for receiving fast medical attention and advice. From new technologies at the hospital to online assessments, the options are endless when it comes to maintaining your health through online technologies. At MCareMD Online Urgent Care, we do just that with our accessible, online doctor’s office and experienced physicians. When families are busy throughout the week and an urgent care emergency happens out of nowhere, it can be a very stressful time for everyone in the family. Most families and patients tend to go to a nearby hospital or urgent care center and end up waiting for hours before a doctor or physician is available. At MCareMD Online Urgent Care, we offer an innovative solution for patients who are tired of waiting for their medical care. Our doctors are available online through telephone consultations or video consultations, every day of the week. Rather than driving over to a doctor and waiting to receive medical care, you and your loved ones can receive a doctorsconsultation from our trained professionals over the phone or by video conference.

So how does MCareMD work?

You can set up a time to video or telephone chat with a Board-Certifieddoctor through our website, and it is simple from that point on. During your consultation, you can discuss your symptoms and treatment options with your doctor, as well as ask any pressing questions that you may have about your illness or injury. With our doctor’s guidance, you can then self-order any laboratory tests at a clinic near you, and avoid the long waiting times to see a doctor or physician!

What types of services do you offer online?

We offer online consultations for many urgent care illnesses and injuries, ranging from sexually transmitted infections to migraines. Some of the other medical issues that we can address are colds, sore throats, allergies, yeast infections, asthma, and many more!

Can I also receive follow up care in person?

Yes! If your illness or injury requires in person medical care, rather than a simple laboratory test or prescription, you can make an appointment to be seen in person by your doctor at our urgent care clinic in Duarte, CA. For your testing procedure and results, you can go to a nearby clinic that performs specific diagnostic services. We aim to make this entire process easy and accessible, as well as affordable for our patients.

While online consultations may not be right for every illness or injury or every family, our online services are a great option for busy families who would like fast and accessible expert medical care. We are able to provide our medical consultations every day of the week to patients of all ages, including children and seniors. Our goal at MCareMD is to simplify the urgent care process through our experienced and efficient online consultations by knowledgeable doctors. If you have any additional questions about our online doctors at MCareMD Online Urgent Care, or would like to set up a consultation today for your medical needs, please give us a call today! Our entire team of friendly medical professionals at MCareMD look forward to helping you and your family feel better as soon as possible, and hope that you will gain fast and efficient medical care from our online doctors.