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The “M” in MCare M.D. stands for Monrovia Internal Medicine and Primary Care or M.I.M.P.C.  We are a brick and mortar internal medical practice in Duarte, CA founded by Yale-trained internist, Dr. Ulin Sargeant in 2010 with a degree and training in public health, MIMPC’s mission has always been to strive to provide convenient, affordable, hassle-free medical service to both the general public and specialty clients such as small and medium-sized businesses, schools, immigrants, commercial drivers, the self-employed, travelers and the like..  We specialize in primary care adult medicine, so we are particularly good at diagnosis and treatment of urgent care ailments as well as the management of chronic medical conditions.


Since 2010, MIMPC has served Californians both locally and in distant cities via virtual medicine.  Our main focus has always been to lower the barrier of care by bringing affordable yet exceptional evidence-based medical care to all patient types regardless of their ability to pay.  We seek to partner with medical facilities and other businesses who share our vision and expand our network of like-minded professionals to bring low-cost, high-quality care to anyone seeking it.

MIMPC is interested in your preventative health and general wellness as well as assisting you in removing the pain and hassle that can sometimes come with getting your healthcare needs met. With the services offered through MIMPC there is no more mind-numbing paper-work associated with getting your employee physical completed because we can take care of that for you. No need to put off getting your shots or completing a T.B. Skin test because of time constraints. We specialize in convenience and efficiency.

In addition to physical examinations, we specialize in an array of other preventative health services such as self-ordering blood and urine laboratory testing, and medical tele-encounters by phone or webcam. We work closely with excellent specialists in the community such as cardiologists, gastroentrologists, endocrinologists, etc., and can easily refer you to one or to get imaging studies as needed. Our online telecenters, MCare and MCare Green accepts “walk-Ins” and appointments and our office in Duarte, CA accepts appointments and is equipped and ready to serve you.

Our Mission and Vision

Our Vision
To be the leading provider of expert health evaluation as well as focused, convenient and affordable medical care.

Our Mission
To arm the lay-patient with knowledge about their own health which will allow them to better bridge the gap that currently separates quality health care from adequate and efficient access to that care.

To provide our clients with the highest level of service provided conveniently and affordably involving the most up-to-date medical tools and latest technology thereby simplifying their health evaluation and medical needs.

To contribute to the advancement of preventive medicine.

To be mindful of our environmental resources and continue to forge meaningful partnerships with like minded organizations.

To foster the professional development of our staff by providing them with continuing education about cutting-edge, evidence-based medicine.

To help our staff facilitate the best medical services to our clients by investing in state of the art equipment and keeping up on current technology.

To provide our clients with a superior work place and an environment where their contribution is valued and supported.

To be active members in our professional community. To manage our organization using our assets soundly, responsibly and ethically as we continue to grow.

So, if you are asking yourself, “Am I healthy?” or if you have family members, employees, friends or loved ones whose health you question, call (877) 254-4496 now!